Why we established MerryDerma

Life with an eczema prone child is hard. I’ll leave it to my beloved to extol the stories and the hardship we face on a daily basis, such as here, here and here. A mother can portray heartfelt emotions about a darling child better than almost anyone else.

So instead, I’d like to briefly tell you about why we established MerryDerma.

Finding genuine, authentic skin care products in Pakistan is difficult. In the West or the developed countries, there is a wide range of treatments, care and options available. However, that is not the case here. We used to have a tremendous amount of difficulty finding the right products. There’s a lot of trial and error involved. Our child is not just eczema prone, but atopic, and besieged with whole array of allergies as well. Most creams and emollients just don’t work on him. In fact, many of the creams and lotions specifically designed for sensitive skin, even when we could find them, sometimes caused flare ups.

After spending 3 years of this, one grows a specific empathy for others in such conditions – whether children or adults. So we thought – why don’t we open our own skin care store, with a specific focus on products for eczema, psoriasis, and the like? Of course, we’d be aggressive with the pricing – we could be profitable, without being extortionate. In turn, we’d guarantee the authenticity of the products. Our premium range is the best we have to offer, and many of them tested by ourselves.

We’re not dropshipping either – our products, whatever we have in stock, is actually here in Pakistan. So we know what we’re sending, and you can rely on us.

And this way, he hope to be able to help many other parents and people like us. And that is why we established MerryDerma.

2 thoughts on “Why we established MerryDerma”

  1. Hi ! I’m happy to read things are getting better for ur child , as a parent I understand the emotional pain of watching this thing” that has ur heart and soul be in pain .
    New to your blog but in my search for something that would ease my child’s condition. He has flare ups at night like ur son but mainly his fingertips and they are actually scabbing now with the continuous itching. He has LEGO stuck to the side of bed and at night he rubs his fingers on it that’s how bad it is . Can u please help ? Most doctors have given me topical steroids hydrocortisone etc and that’s not long lasting

    1. Rida Wajahat, Co-Founder

      Hi Sara,

      Sorry to hear about the condition of your child. It breaks my heart whenever I see another mother struggling with an eczema prone baby. How old is he? I’m sure you must have been to many dermatologists. Frankly they never give a satisfactory answer, they just simply ask us to wait for our babies to grow out of it. And only God knows when will that happen. Anyhow, you should still visit a reputable dermatologist in your area and ask for an appropriate steroid. Hydrocortisone is the weakest of the bunch, and it stops working after multiple usage. I use a relatively stronger one for my kid. But you should consult your dermatologist before changing the steroid. (A little tip: when using stronger steroid then always dilute it with vaseline, don’t use directly)

      Moreover, get his IGe levels checked. Atopic dermititis is often accompanied with environmental and other allergies. Maybe he’s allergic to some food groups? Do discuss this with your doctor. My son has multiple food allergies and I’ve to manage what he consumes, in order to keep his eczema at bay. Also, did your doctor recommend any antihistamine to help with the itch?

      Have you tried organic stuff ? As in some people swear by organic shea butter, aloe vera, oatmeal etc.

      The most important thing is that have you figured out the right moisturizer for your son ? I won’t be able to recommend a particular moisturizer, because if one thing works for one person that doesn’t mean it would for the other as well. But Aveeno Eczema Therapy also called Aveeno Dermaxa and CeraVe moisturising cream work well. I personally use Aveeno for my son ( Figured what works best for him after multiple hit and trials).

      All the best mommy. I know it’s hard but InshaAllah this time will pass and we won’t even remember this difficult phase we’re going through. Ameen.

      P.S. Do join “Baby and childhood eczema support group” on facebook. That group helped me a lot. At the very least it makes you realize that you’re not alone.

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