Night Time Skin Care Routine is a Must!!!

Most of us tend to skip washing and moisturizing our face before going to bed, either due to an over exhausting day or because of sheer laziness. But we must realize if we want to slow aging and cater to other skin related issues then having a night time skin […]

Finding Opportunity in Difficult Times

When we’re leading a smooth stress free life, and then suddenly something not in our favor happens – changing our lifestyle completely. It’s that moment where we lose hope, become weak and only look at the negativity. Rather than emphasizing on the problems, we should use that problem in our […]

Can Eczema Sufferers Lead a Normal Life?

Atopic dermititis is the most casually taken illness and the non-sufferers might not fully understand the severity of this disease, and the mark it leaves on the personality of that individual who has to go through this ordeal his/her entire life. Around 20% children and 3% adults worldwide go through […]

Family Support – Raising an Eczema Prone Child Together

Having a family is a blessing, but having a supportive family in every sphere of your life is the biggest blessing of all… People whom we’re related to by blood or marriage are our closest allies in all ups and downs. In my case, everyone around me understands the condition […]

Wear your Skin with Pride

Nowadays beauty standards have become so unrealistic and everyone is living a false reality (none other than the social media)…. We are expected to look flawless in the pictures that we upload, because the more unblemished we are, the more likes and comments we’ll get. Now, we all know, not […]