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For years, a concerned father and mother desperately searched for relief for the troubled symptoms of their their greatest joy: their young son. The son had a severe case of atopic dermatitis since birth, which manifested in eczema. Skin care products used to help treat this were hard to find in Pakistan, expensive, and unreliable. And often, the products that were available would be fake or expired.

The parents thought that, surely, they couldn’t be the only ones with this predicament. And so, MerryDerma was founded with a very particular mission: to help fulfill the market for eczema care skin products in Pakistan. But why limit ourselves there? There are issues like psoriasis, dermatitis, acne, early-aging, and even super-dry skin common in Pakistani women, children and men.

So here we are, with a vow to bring you 100% genuine, eczema, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and other therapeutic skin care products for other such common issues in Pakistan. This includes moisturizers, washes, cleanser, sunscreens, etc. but not limited to that.

We have tested most of the products in stock ourselves. We only stock reputable brands. Alongside, where necessary, we will provide tips and tricks to get the maximum out of them.

We won’t necessarily limit ourselves to western products. Often, unani products, ‘desi totkas’, etc. also work, and we will gladly recommend those in our blog sections if there’s a chance they may help you or your family.

Remember, we care!

Sincerely, the MerryDerma Team.

  • We do not make, and due to the nature of skincare products, cannot make any guarantees about whether the products will suit you. For details, read here.

We are an asset of Draco Works Private Limited, registered in Pakistan (SECP No. 0150944)

We are also distantly affiliated with Fulfillers.pk, a group of somewhat coordinated efforts in the eCommerce domain

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