Thank you for visiting, and shopping at MerryDerma.

Shipping Costs

Each order costs Rs. 150/-, flat, for shipping to all the major cities of Pakistan.

However, as a promotion, orders above Rs. 5000/- currently have free shipping.

Delivery Processing

Orders will be generally processed within 1-2 business days.

We use standard courier services, such as BlueEx, TCS, Leopards, etc. to deliver your products. Deliveries will be done by the courier service and they deliver as per their schedule and SOPs. We cannot direct or request them to deliver as per individual’s time slot.

Generally, the deliveries are completed within 2-4 days, however, public holidays, weekends and other situations beyond their control can affect this.

Customers who previously cancelled, rejected or refused their order at the time of delivery are welcome to order again, however, with advance payment only.