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Over a Year of Serving our Customers

MerryDerma is now over a year old. What a long time that seems! In this time, we’ve helped thousands of customers battle their skin issues and concerns, and provided access to top quality therapeutic skincare products, where none existed before. We’ve sold tens of thousands of products, and we’ve gathered a loyal clientele. To all …

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Understanding Reactions to Skincare Products

Let’s begin with a misconception: “A genuine skincare product will never cause a reaction”. That is simply and completely false. There are many factors that can contribute to skin reactions and sensitivities. These may be present in genuine products, natural skincare products, or even products “certified” to be gentle on the skin. MerryDerma always recommends …

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Why we established MerryDerma

Life with an eczema prone child is hard. I’ll leave it to my beloved to extol the stories and the hardship we face on a daily basis, such as here, here and here. A mother can portray heartfelt emotions about a darling child better than almost anyone else. So instead, I’d like to briefly tell …

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