Over a Year of Serving our Customers

MerryDerma is now over a year old. What a long time that seems! In this time, we’ve helped thousands of customers battle their skin issues and concerns, and provided access to top quality therapeutic skincare products, where none existed before. We’ve sold tens of thousands of products, and we’ve gathered a loyal clientele. To all […]

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Summers and Eczema

Eczema is mostly associated with dry cold winter weather, as the humidity that provides moisture in the air decreases. The dry air often results in dry skin, which can worsen eczema. But in few cases it is quite the opposite. Some people experience worse eczema during the summer months… Hot temperatures can aggravate eczema in

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Turmeric – The Ultimate Healing Spice

It’s very natural to assume that most people have this specific spice always available in their desi households – that spice being turmeric. We use them in our everyday cooking, as no desi dish is complete without a pinch of turmeric aka ‘haldi‘ in it. Since childhood, we’ve always heard our elderly telling us about

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Spring Allergies and Eczema

For some people spring season is all about blossom, buds, green grass, flowers and their splendor. But for many others it’s about coughing, sneezing, having watery eyes, skin rashes and breathing issues. My family comes in the latter category. My husband and I just have the standard symptoms and we associate spring with sniffling mostly;

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Dust Mites Allergy – Common Yet Ignored

Our son’s dermatitis always made us extra cautious, especially when it came to spotting the allergens in the environment. But to our folly, we ignored one extremely common allergen – the dust mites. One day I casually glanced at my bedroom side table and noticed minute white specs all over the table. At first I

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The Sound of Scratching

Do you remember the shrill sound of fingernails on blackboard? The one that gives you shivers? Well, the sound of your child scratching rather massacring his eczema prone skin is somewhat similar. That sound is so offensive that it actually causes a measureable physical and mental stress reaction. When my son was just an infant;

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Skin Soothing Oatmeal Bath

Oats are considered as a “super grain” that are equally good when either consumed orally or applied externally. I’m a huge fan of colloidal oatmeal and use it on regular basis as a skin soothing agent for my eczema prone son. It contains compounds that have anti-inflammatory and moisture-retaining properties as it contains starches and

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Perfumes – Pleasant to Some, Nuisance to Others

According to a famous saying “You’re never fully dressed without a perfume”. And ,I for one, took this quote very seriously, as there was hardly a time where I left my house without wearing a perfume. This interest was instilled in me because of my father; he was a perfume collector and still is, having

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Is Your Eczema Accompanied With Food Allergies?

Eczema is a tricky condition. If you can identify your triggers then you’re amongst the lucky ones. There could be various triggers – external or internal and of course it varies from person to person. My eczema prone son has multiple triggers. It would take an ample amount of time if I had to list

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