Spring Allergies and Eczema

For some people spring season is all about blossom, buds, green grass, flowers and their splendor. But for many others it’s about coughing, sneezing, having watery eyes, skin rashes and breathing issues. My family comes in the latter category.

My husband and I just have the standard symptoms and we associate spring with sniffling mostly; but my son faces the season with a particular dread – eczema flare ups, a chronic skin condition that cause itchy red lesions.

The main cause of a spring allergy is the pollen that grows and reproduces during the season. The body considers it as a threat and produces antibodies that travel to the cells that release histamine and other chemicals. My son’s histamine levels are almost always on a higher side, and with an extra allergen present in the environment, it shoots sky high; hence causing more flare ups than usual.

Lately, I’ve noticed that my child’s allergy manifestation has a slightly deviating pattern. As previously his dermatitis cracked up as soon as pollen season arrived; but now instead of a crazy eczema flare up, he is having moderate eczema accompanied with sneezing, coughing and watery eyes.

So I’m hopeful that he might not react to pollen as badly as he used to, in years to come. And who knows he might grow out of his allergies all together.

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