Turmeric – The Ultimate Healing Spice

It’s very natural to assume that most people have this specific spice always available in their desi households – that spice being turmeric. We use them in our everyday cooking, as no desi dish is complete without a pinch of turmeric aka ‘haldi‘ in it.

Since childhood, we’ve always heard our elderly telling us about consuming turmeric in milk for quick recovery in case of injury. To be honest I’ve tried and tested this, and it does work. So I thought, why not to add turmeric to the diet of my atopic child…

Turmeric has numerous qualities – its anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-bacterial and wound-healing properties make it a very alluring factor of using it as a complementary treatment for eczema. Eczema also being an inflammatory skin condition, hence making turmeric a perfect candidate for controlling it. Though there is very little scientific research on turmeric healing eczema; but as turmeric is safe to consume, so I started adding it in my eczema prone son’s diet.

Whatever food I gave him, I added 1/4 tsp of turmeric in it, mostly in the morning. At first obviously I couldn’t see any significant improvement in his overall blistered skin. But after using it for about a month or so, I actually noticed his skin started healing faster than usual. It also felt less inflamed and angry. I have this firm belief that turmeric is for sure helping him heal from inside out. It’s been an year since I started using it, and he’s definitely far better than before. Obviously turmeric is not the only thing I included in his lifestyle, there were numerous others, whether topical or oral. But turmeric is definitely one of the primary factors in his eczema improvement.

If you are suffering from eczema or any kind of skin inflammation, do give turmeric a try. You never know, what might suit you. Healing eczema is all about hit and trial, some things might be beneficial for you but many may not. So try to figure out what works best for your body, I hope turmeric is one of them.

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