Avoiding Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

Finding out you’re pregnant might be one of the most joyous things in this world. But like every other thing, this also comes with a tradeoff. While your body is busy making a beautiful baby, it also makes several changes to itself, and those changes are not always pleasant – One of them being “Stretch …

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COVID-19 – Overall Impact on Skin and Hair

The year 2020 seriously took a toll on minds and bodies all across the globe. The human race was put in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Even in 2021, the hot topic’s still the same – Life with COVID-19. It’s a common knowledge that the main symptoms of this pandemic are dry cough, …

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Stress and Eczema

Never knew that anxiety and stress could also be a driving factor in alleviating eczema, until I actually witnessed such a thing in my child. The stress hormones trigger inflammation in the entire body and thus aggravating eczema symptoms. Keeping this in mind I’ve to be very careful in providing a stress-free environment for my …

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