Stress and Eczema

Never knew that anxiety and stress could also be a driving factor in alleviating eczema, until I actually witnessed such a thing in my child.

The stress hormones trigger inflammation in the entire body and thus aggravating eczema symptoms. Keeping this in mind I’ve to be very careful in providing a stress-free environment for my 3 year old. But the irony is that my son takes an advantage of this and literally bosses me around all the time.

He knows that mommy would go at any length to make him happy. His idea of throwing a tantrum is scratching himself so that I would listen to what he wants and thus ultimately provide that thing. If he’s angry he’ll scratch, if he’s sad he’ll scratch, if he wants something he’ll scratch, if I’m busy he’ll scratch, if he doesn’t want to sleep he’ll scratch and even when he does want to sleep, guess what, he’ll scratch. It’s like he thinks as if scratching is some form of communication.

His itching and scratching has become more of a behavioral thing, and my husband and I are trying to figure out how to break this habit. I swear these kids are so mean sometimes, they know exactly which buttons to press. They try to tame us (the parents) rather than that being the other way around. ????

If you or your loved one is suffering from eczema then remember to have a positive attitude and remove all the external factors causing anxiety or stress. A nice luke warm bath, exercising on daily basis, scented candles, and green tea consumption are few easy ways to relieve stress and relax mind and body overall.

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