Eczema – A Continuous Struggle

It’s been 3 years since our battle with eczema begun. Never thought that life would change to such an extent that every little action of ours would directly or indirectly influence the skin condition of our son.

In this duration my husband and I have been to almost every reputable dermatologist and pediatrician but all of them had more or less one thing to say: “Try to manage it, he’ll eventually grow out of it”. Well, this statement is not very encouraging for the desperate parents who have to watch their child scratch himself till he bleeds, a child that can never sleep for more than 2 hours, a child who cannot concentrate on day to day activities because he’s itchy all the time. Thus began our “finding the cure for eczema” journey. I know there’s no cure for eczema per se. But at least we wanted to try everything that could soothe our baby’s skin for a longer duration. Then came the next big challenge; there were numerous eczema products available worldwide but sadly very few in Pakistan. It was such a hassle asking relatives and friends living abroad to send the desired products. But anyhow, with hit and trial method we finally figured out some concoctions (such as specific creams, lotions and oils) that work wonders for our baby’s skin.

He still gets flares ups and still has trouble sleeping; but overall things are getting better. I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.
Prayers and best wishes for all the parents with eczema prone children.

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