An Open Letter to Mommies with Eczema Prone Children

If you’re wondering whether there’s someone else out there who is heartbroken to see her kid in agony and who scratches like crazy…

Then you should know that you’re not alone. I’ve a three year old who is struggling with this chronic condition. Every morning when the sun comes up, it brings a new ray of hope that maybe today’s going to be one of the better days for my son and I. Maybe today we’ll get an opportunity to focus on other things besides his dry itchy skin. But by the time the sun sets it takes all the hope along with it. Because everyday is the same day, with a non stop war against eczema and an effort of managing it.

Lately, I’ve become so cynical and only focus on the negatives of life (red blotchy skin of my son, his bleeding wounds, the frustrated look on his face, non stop itching, sleeplessness, steroid applications etc). And I literally forget the little things that make life beautiful.. My baby’s adorable smile, his slurpy kisses, cute tight hugs, his effort to make a brave face while having a flare up, his laughter, his naughty games, the stories that he shares and much much much more.

So my dear fellow mommies, even though every day is a struggle for us but let’s not forget the joy these little human beings bring in our lives. We’re nothing without them. Let’s live life to its fullest and stay positive.

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