COVID-19 – Overall Impact on Skin and Hair

The year 2020 seriously took a toll on minds and bodies all across the globe. The human race was put in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Even in 2021, the hot topic’s still the same – Life with COVID-19. It’s a common knowledge that the main symptoms of this pandemic are dry cough, fever and tiredness. But in some cases it goes beyond that, impacting the skin and hair amongst other things.

We’ve come across some coronavirus survivors who say that they have experienced rashes and hair thinning while in the remission period. Some skin symptoms appear soon after infection, while others arise later or in more severe disease; but most get better with time.

In some cases people can get ‘COVID toes’. A red-purple discoloration occurs which is both painful and itchy, often accompanied with blisters or pustules. COVID patients are more susceptible to hives or urticaria as well. Though these are not very common, but still should be made aware of. Moreover, many patients notice an increase in facial and body breakouts, increase in oiliness and inflammation, or dullness to the appearance of the skin. There may also be a negative impact on hair, if a person is COVID positive. These effects are manifesting as dryness and lackluster appearance of the hair, increased shedding, and increased tenderness and itching of the scalp.

The people who are, or were, COVID positive at some point or an other; may or may not have symptoms related to skin or hair. But the irony is, the people who never contracted coronavirus, also undergo various negative body changes, due to this continuous stress they’re facing amidst this pandemic. Stress-related hair shedding is very common and usually happens three months or longer after a triggering event. In addition to hair loss, stress can trigger flares of acne and dandruff, as well as eczema.

Practicing good hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. But the increased use of soap or sanitizers can sometimes lead to eczema of the hands, or hand dermatitis, which leaves the skin dry, cracked and red. Moreover, we’ve all been introduced to a new term during this pandemic as well – ‘maskne’ – which one develop as the mask causes friction irritation and skin redness, ultimately causing acne.

Skin and hair to a certain degree are almost always affected in majority of the diseases – as whatever is happening inside, is also visible outside. So we should all calm our nerves and try to stay away from the demon called stress, and definitely should take all the necessary precautions against COVID-19.

  • Always consult a dermatologist for any skin related health and medical queries!

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