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COVID schooling has been a very different experience for the students as well as the parents. But as humans, we adapt really quickly; whatever comes our way. So this virtual schooling system, difficult at first, later became a new normal. Now the irony is, sending our kids back to 5 days a week face to face schooling seems like an alien concept, and I for one, am finding it difficult to send my almost 4 year old to school on daily basis.

My son has atopic dermatitis and we were very skeptical at first for sending him to school. But an eczema-prone child always needs some sort of distraction, and in a nuclear family, it’s not always possible. So school seemed an appropriate choice for learning, fun and diversion from a monotonous life.

My husband and I had to provide full guidance to the school staff (class teacher primarily), that how to cater to the needs of an eczema prone child. My son is the only eczema case in his school, and the teachers there were completely oblivious to the severity of this disease.

He hasn’t settled yet and sometimes gets flare ups because of anxiety of going to school. But we’re hopeful that once the transition is complete, he’ll be a happier and more satisfied kid. His dermatitis hopefully will also improve – As a happy mind leads to a happy skin.

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