Muhammad Fahd, Founder

Why MerryDerma Doesn’t Run Frequent Sales

It’s hard to resist a sale. See something that’s at a big discount, and you immediately want to grab it before it goes back to normal price. But is that “sale” price really a special, reduced price? Not so fast! Many times, it’s just a marketing tactic to make you buy useless stuff, and at …

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Over a Year of Serving our Customers

MerryDerma is now over a year old. What a long time that seems! In this time, we’ve helped thousands of customers battle their skin issues and concerns, and provided access to top quality therapeutic skincare products, where none existed before. We’ve sold tens of thousands of products, and we’ve gathered a loyal clientele. To all …

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A Bad Night Without Antihistamines

You know those days where your child is nigh inconsolable due to a bad attack of eczema? We had one like that last night. For hours, our son was in agony and apparent pain, while there was nothing we could do to help. Full body itching, scratching himself all over his body, and we could …

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Why we established MerryDerma

Life with an eczema prone child is hard. I’ll leave it to my beloved to extol the stories and the hardship we face on a daily basis, such as here, here and here. A mother can portray heartfelt emotions about a darling child better than almost anyone else. So instead, I’d like to briefly tell …

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