A Bad Night Without Antihistamines

You know those days where your child is nigh inconsolable due to a bad attack of eczema? We had one like that last night. For hours, our son was in agony and apparent pain, while there was nothing we could do to help. Full body itching, scratching himself all over his body, and we could only watch. No amount of soothing or ‘maalish’ was helping.

One possible reason we could think of was that we were trying this alternate medicine treatment, and due to that, we had stopped giving him is regular anti-histamines. He had a consumed a little food that day to which he is supposedly allergic.

So we ended up having to give him a dose of oral antihistamine, and we think it worked. So people – of you think your atopic dermatitis, or eczema, or whatever, is worsened by allergies, we believe you should consult your doctor for using anti-histamines on a regular basis.

And hope you never have to experience a night like ours yesterday.

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