Itchy Skin

Summers and Eczema

Eczema is mostly associated with dry cold winter weather, as the humidity that provides moisture in the air decreases. The dry air often results in dry skin, which can worsen eczema. But in few cases it is quite the opposite. Some people experience worse eczema during the summer months… Hot temperatures can aggravate eczema in …

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COVID-19 – Overall Impact on Skin and Hair

The year 2020 seriously took a toll on minds and bodies all across the globe. The human race was put in a constant state of stress and anxiety. Even in 2021, the hot topic’s still the same – Life with COVID-19. It’s a common knowledge that the main symptoms of this pandemic are dry cough, …

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The Sound of Scratching

Do you remember the shrill sound of fingernails on blackboard? The one that gives you shivers? Well, the sound of your child scratching rather massacring his eczema prone skin is somewhat similar. That sound is so offensive that it actually causes a measureable physical and mental stress reaction. When my son was just an infant; …

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A Bad Night Without Antihistamines

You know those days where your child is nigh inconsolable due to a bad attack of eczema? We had one like that last night. For hours, our son was in agony and apparent pain, while there was nothing we could do to help. Full body itching, scratching himself all over his body, and we could …

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Aloe Vera – A Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

We’ve all heard of this miracle plant – Aloe vera – but how many of us have actually tried it on our skins?I’m one of those people who believe in minimal product usage on the face and body, and usually try to find one single moisturizer for my day and night time routine. I have …

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