SPF “DOs and DON’Ts” for the Summer

As the summer is here, sunscreens become increasingly important to have as a part of your skin care routine. While SPFs should be a year-round thing to protect against harmful UV rays, the summer months in particular come with a higher UV index, so need the most attention. Keep in mind the following SPF DOs […]

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4 Tips to Keep Skin Hydrated in Summers

Hydration is important for the skin all year round, but it becomes even more crucial during the summer season. The sweltering heat and the soaring temperatures lead to water loss from sweating, causing dry and dull skin. There are numerous things we could do to avoid this heat impact. Choosing Cleansers Wisely Cleansing skin with

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Sunscreen – A Skin Care Essential

Whether the outdoors are sunny or cloudy, the sun rays are always present and you’re exposed to them in more ways than you’d expect. The harmful UV rays can penetrate through clouds, and can even pass through windows of cars and buildings; they’ll be milder, but nevertheless still damaging. Previously the importance of sunscreen was

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Summers and Eczema

Eczema is mostly associated with dry cold winter weather, as the humidity that provides moisture in the air decreases. The dry air often results in dry skin, which can worsen eczema. But in few cases it is quite the opposite. Some people experience worse eczema during the summer months… Hot temperatures can aggravate eczema in

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