Sunscreen – A Skin Care Essential

Whether the outdoors are sunny or cloudy, the sun rays are always present and you’re exposed to them in more ways than you’d expect. The harmful UV rays can penetrate through clouds, and can even pass through windows of cars and buildings; they’ll be milder, but nevertheless still damaging.

Previously the importance of sunscreen was not emphasized enough, but now things are different – thanks to science and research, sunscreens are placed at the top most essential products in the skincare industry. When it comes to choosing a sunscreen then just remember that it is important to get a broad-spectrum sunscreen, which will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. Beyond that, choosing whether to get a physical or chemical sunscreen boils down to your skin preference.

Some of the benefits of sunscreen are listed below…

May Decrease the Risk of Cancer
Skin cancer is the most deadly type of cancer and is becoming very common, especially in countries where people have a lighter skin tone. To prevent this, proper sunscreen application is the most crucial step. Daily SPF use, even if it is cloudy or raining, can help protect your skin from harmful rays that cause cancer.

Maintain an Even Skin Tone
We all want radiant looking, pigmentation free even skin tone. And for that we are willing to buy every expensive product or believe in Desi totkas. But amidst this, we forget a very pivotal step i.e. applying sunscreen before going out. Us girls never forget to put makeup on, then why the sunscreen? Next time you head out, just remember that sun damage can cause uneven skin tone, such as brown spots and other discoloration. You can avoid these by making sure you protect your skin from the UV rays.

Having a Darker Skin Tone doesn’t Mean you can Skip Sunscreen
Some people believe that if you have a darker skin tone, you won’t burn easily; hence no need to wear sunscreen. Well unfortunately, that is not true! Even if you don’t get sunburns, your skin is still prone to damage in that glazing sun.

Avoid Signs of Aging
Remaining forever youthful is the most desired thing for us as humans. But let’s face it, we are never going to discover any fountain of youth. However, what we can do is give sunscreen the importance it deserves. Sun damage is one of the most common causes of premature aging, as sun exposure causes fine lines, and wrinkles. This all happens because of excessive sun exposure and only using sunscreen can help us protect our skins.

This is just a gist of what sunscreen does for us. There are numerous benefits that we may easily find over the internet or through dermatologists. Let’s make a promise to ourselves to include this ignored yet very useful product in our daily routine. This message is not just for us adults, but we also have to inculcate this habit in our kids as well.

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