Aloe Vera – A Moisturizer for Sensitive Skin

We’ve all heard of this miracle plant – Aloe vera – but how many of us have actually tried it on our skins?
I’m one of those people who believe in minimal product usage on the face and body, and usually try to find one single moisturizer for my day and night time routine.

I have a very sensitive skin and almost react to everything like soaps, shampoos, hard water, scented moisturizers etc. My face turns into a red blotchy mess, if not taken care off properly.

Few months back I tried to include aloe vera in my skincare routine and replaced my the then moisturizer with aloe vera gel. After few days of application on face, my irritated skin actually got better and I could feel soothing sensations all over. Now I apply aloe day and night for a healthier looking complexion and acne free skin.

You can take fresh Aloe Vera gel directly from the plant leaf and apply on the face, massage it and leave it for the entire night, next morning wash your face with plain water. You can also use the store bought one, but make sure it’s organic. Here’s how I included aloe vera in my routine:

Can be used as a makeup primer: I’m not only using aloe as my daily moisturizer but also as a foundation primer. The gel like consistency sticks to your skin and minimizes the pores, thus allowing a flawless foundation application.

An acne treatment: Believe it or not but aloe vera works like magic for acne prone skin. Whenever I have pimples popping out, I immediately apply aloe gel on those spots and the next day acne actually shrinks and disappears after few days of application.

Go-to hand moisturizer midst COVID-19 outbreak:
Now a days each and every one of us is being extra cautious and washing hands multiple times a day. Thus leaving our hands dry and dull. Aloe vera gel could be just what we all need to soothe those over washed hands. I myself am actually using aloe as a hand moisturizer, as it leaves my hands soft and supple through out the day.

Acts as an Eczema soothing agent: Aloe vera has anti-inflammatory properties and hence can be used to soothe dry itchy eczema spots. My son suffers from atopic dermititis and I’ve tried and tested aloe on his skin and have seen a visible difference. Apply overnight on the affected areas, it will form a layer over the skin, thus providing the necessary barrier.

Before making aloe vera a part of your regular skin regime, always remember to do a patch test first. A thing that works for some might not work for others. This is the motto I learned while dealing with my son’s Eczema.

Even though aloe vera is an amazing product with wonderful results, but still remember it won’t magically make your skin flawless. A blend of healthy diet, sufficient water intake, a good night’s sleep and stress free mind is the key to a healthier looking and glowing skin.

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