Eczema Child and Relationship with Spouse

It’s funny how life revolves around a single person day and night, and all you can think about is the well-being of that person. Well, that is what parenting is all about right? Selfless love !!

It really amuses me that how God has wired us as parents, and how beautiful these feelings are…

Though, sometimes this parent-child relationship takes over all the other relations, especially the one with your spouse. In normal circumstances when a child grows out of the infant stage and enters the toddler stage, then maybe he/she finds different forms of self-entertainment and thus giving some relief to the parents. But when you have an eczema prone kid then the entire concept of self entertainment goes down the drain, as that child demands constant attention and wants to involve the adults in all his activities. This attention seeking behavior helps him overcome the continuous itch and the desire to scratch to some extent; and thus providing a tad bit relief.

Now, the issue is either one or both parents are giving all their time and effort to the child, thus they don’t get to spend a second together. In my case, I’m so stressed out and sleep deprived because of my son’s eczema that sometimes I take out my frustration on my husband, and the other times he does the same. Later on, we both regret our behavior, but also understand why the other person acts in such a way. My partner and I have made a rule that if one person is stressed out at the moment, then the other will try to stay calm and provide the necessary comfort. We both can’t loose our cool at the same time, that’s the deal. And that’s what keeps us sane..

No doubt this life style takes a toll on us and sometimes puts a strain in our relationship; but at the end of the day this bond of ours gets stronger, as we both have a mutual understanding and know the daily challenges that are faced.

So it’s okay if you use your partner as a punching bag sometimes (lol), as long as you both are on the same page and can channelize your anger in a constructive way.  That’s I guess is the beauty of a healthy relationship.

Happy Parenting and Happy Marriage 🙂

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