Perfumes – Pleasant to Some, Nuisance to Others

According to a famous saying “You’re never fully dressed without a perfume”. And ,I for one, took this quote very seriously, as there was hardly a time where I left my house without wearing a perfume. This interest was instilled in me because of my father; he was a perfume collector and still is, having a wide range of scents spread all over his dresser.

Never really thought that either I would have to give my perfumes to someone or I would put them in the furthest storage to rot. But it actually happened after the birth of my son. One of the first things the dermatologist told me was to stop wearing perfumes, body sprays and even lotions with strong fragrances. Fragrances are one of the primary driving factors of contact dermatitis. So for obvious reasons I removed all the sources of fragrance from our place.

My son has atopic dermatitis since birth and can also develops contact dermatitis when exposed to allergens like fragrances. And believe me contact dermatitis is no joke. You might be successful in clearing those eczema patches but a slight misjudgment of the allergens around you might be enough to get you back to square one. There were times when if my son and I were to visit my parents, I had to tell them few days in advance so they may un-adulterate the house environment and not wear fragrances while we’re there.

So for the time being I’ve stocked all my Versaces, Davidoffs, Guccis, Ralph Laurens, D&Gs and Burberrys in a chest and placed it somewhere safe in hopes that one day I might be able to use those babies again. Till then, I have to be extra careful, as my son’s health is what matters and at the end of the day he’s my most precious baby of all.

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