Tips for Neonatal Skin Care

Recently my husband and I have been blessed with a second child. She’s just over a month and I’m already obsessed with having a proper skin care routine for her. Newborns have a super delicate skin and compared to adults it’s 30% thinner, can loose moisture faster and is more prone to irritation. So here are few things to keep in mind..

Bathing Your Baby

There is no need to bathe your baby daily, as too much tub time might dry out their tender skin. Plus, babies don’t get dirty enough to need daily baths until they’re crawling around and eating solid foods. While bathing, remember not to use harsh soaps, but try to use mild, gentle, fragrance free cleansers if required. I use Aquaphor baby wash and shampoo for my baby; it’s mild, fragrance free and one bottle goes a long way. Avoid bubble bath as it removes natural oils from the skin, and avoid antibacterial and perfumed soaps as they may irritate the skin.


Moisturizing your baby is very essential and should be done more than just once a day. Apply thick, non-fragranced or mild-fragrance moisturiser all over the body during or immediately after the bath to prevent dry skin. Moisturizers do not add moisture to the skin; they prevent moisture already in the skin from evaporating; so always remember to apply a thick layer as often as necessary. I use Child Farms Baby Moisturizer – it’s mildly fragranced, gentle and absorbs easily. You may also incorporate massages in your baby’s skin care routine, as massage not only keeps a baby’s skin moisturized, but also helps in calming and pacifying a fussy baby. Use any gentle oil like virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, or the age old oil used by our mothers and grandmothers – Mustard oil. Another important thing is to invest in a humidifier, as it may prevent the air from being too dry, which can help baby’s dry skin. Make sure to use it, especially in these cold winter nights.

Taking Care of the Diaper Area

Getting a diaper rash is pretty common in babies. But however common it is, it’s not very pleasant for both the baby and the caregiver. I’m going to share a hack that never goes wrong and keeps those nasty rashes at bay. That secret – or not so secret – product is Petroleum Jelly; the most common brand being of course Vaseline. During every diaper change slather Vaseline on that area and then secure the diaper. Never miss this step and soon you’ll forget what diaper rashes look like.

Detergents and Powders

Harsh chemicals in laundry detergents might irritate your baby’s skin. Use only mild detergents that do not leave residue on the items after washing. Liquid detergents with little to no aroma and skin-friendly ingredients are a good option. I personally use All Free and Clear liquid wash for washing my baby’s clothes. It’s hypoallergenic, fragrance free and doesn’t leave any residue.

We as mothers love to apply powder to our baby’s skin, as it gives a feeling of freshness and masks any unpleasant smell. But we should avoid using it, as baby could inhale the powder into his lungs, and that could cause damage. If we must use it then we should remove excess powder, and apply a thin layer to the baby’s skin. But I’m not really a powder fan, so I always skip it.

These are just some major tips one can keep in mind. So whatever routine you follow for the baby, just remember to use gentle, pure and sanitary products for their delicate and precious skin.

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