Is Your Eczema Accompanied With Food Allergies?

Eczema is a tricky condition. If you can identify your triggers then you’re amongst the lucky ones. There could be various triggers – external or internal and of course it varies from person to person.

My eczema prone son has multiple triggers. It would take an ample amount of time if I had to list them all down, as they are a lot, like a lot!!! Ranging from being pure environmental to solely food related; it becomes very difficult to provide the ideal environment all the time. Therefore he’s bound to flare up at one point or an other. If I provide the necessary circumstances to control his eczema, even then a slight change in his pattern could result in a mild to a horrible flare up.

There are some tests that could be done to know your triggers. But these tests are also not always 100% correct and may also vary. The most common test for identifying allergies is a blood test, which may also detect your IgE levels. In most cases where the patient has multiple allergies then his IgE levels are sky high and completely out of range. After analysing the potential triggers via the test reports, you could just simply try the hit and trial method by including the highest level allergens one by one in your life for few days and see at what capacity it impacts your eczema. Within few months you could sort out the affect of external and internal allergens and there severity. Give it a try with the food allergens first. In naturopathy, it is believed that food plays a vital role in disrupting most of the inflammatory diseases, thus target healing the gut should be the primary focus. To some extent I believe that too…

I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my son’s eczema after analysing everything at a micro level and finding the teeniest possibility of something impacting his dermititis. That mostly includes changing his diet and avoiding most common allergens like wheat, dairy and soy.

It’s difficult and time consuming but sure is effective.

We should listen to our bodies and should go an extra mile if that ensures a healthier inside out.

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