Eczema vs Other Infections – A Random Theory

I have noticed a very weird pattern that whenever my child is sick whether it’s common cold, viral infections, bacterial infections or any other such thing; then his eczema gets better – wayyy better!!

So I have this totally random theory…

When the body is busy fighting other illnesses, then it actually stops malfunctioning (stops attacking itself), hence subsiding the eczema flare ups.

I am not sure whether it has scientific backing or not but it totally makes sense. Eczema is an auto-immune disease and flare ups occur when body perceives itself in under some threat of environment or other various factors. So when a person is sick with some common illness then the immune system gives full attention to fight and recover the damage caused by the foreign body, instead of focusing on itself and attacking like a lunatic.

This happens in case of my kid, but it might not be true for someone else. I’ve asked some of my fellow mommy’s with eczema prone kids and few of them actually have the opposite reaction. In some cases the immune system becomes so active that it’s attacks the infections, in addition to malfunctioning and attacking the things it is not supposed to (making eczema even worse than before). So it’s literally like a war going on inside the body.

Like I said everybody is different with different reactions. I’m one of those fortunate ones whose kid gets better in terms of eczema, when body is under attack with other diseases. I can’t even imagine handling a sick kid and his eczema flare ups at the same time.

Anyhow, it was just a random thought. Would love to know anyone else out there with the same experience..

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