Top 5 Causes of Dark Circles

Having dark circles is one of the most dreaded yet common skin concern. Almost everyone has them to some extent. Even some of the major celebrities often have to resort to concealers and make-up to hide their dark circles.

We have to understand that some people just naturally have dark circles because they are genetically predisposed to them. Others can also develop them as a result of other factors such as stress, poor diet, weight gain, lack of sleep or general tiredness.

The most common causes of dark circles are

Dark circles are mostly a genetic trait and can occur in anyone. Hereditary Dark Circles are caused by a gene inherited from your Parents or some close relative, that presents itself as dark pigmentation under the eyes. What differentiates them from the other dark circles are that most people probably have had them since their childhood. Hence they are not caused by any environmental factors.

Stress is one of the most common causes of any kind of physical or mental disruption, especially now a days with a busy lifestyle, with very little or no breaks at all. Interestingly enough the dark circles that are usually caused by sleep deprivation are also brought on by stress. Stress can cause adrenal gland problems which lead to low-grade inflammation. This is the main reason for the development of dark circles under the eyes.

Lack of sleep
Dark circles under the eyes are caused by a variety of things, but lack of sleep is the most common cause. To reduce dark circles, the first step is to monitor your sleep habits and get enough rest. Avoid caffeinated drinks such as coffee or tea before bedtime. If you have allergies or smoke, try to avoid the triggers as well.

Tiredness is not only because of lack if sleep, but also due to our busy lifestyle. We humans are chronically tired now a days, and thus are skin aging has also escalated drastically. Dark circles are very common in the aging process. They are also known as “raccoon eyes” or “the ocular turkey neck.” So we should definitely prioritize ourselves to avoid those raccoon eyes.

Thinning of skin
The skin that surrounds your eyes is thinner and more delicate than that on the rest of your face. A loss of collagen means that wrinkles and fine lines appear around the eyes first, but that’s not all. As collagen decreases, veins show through more prominently, increasing the advent of dark circles. Thin skin also fills more easily with fluid, which can lead to puffiness around the eyes. In addition, they are also caused by enlarged pores in the skin on the face which makes it appear darker when there is a shadow cast on it in photographs.

The unfortunate truth about dark circles is that there is no quick fix. The good thing is that there are great treatments that can be used to reduce their appearance…

  • Use cooling eye masks before bed or throughout the day.
  • Drink more fluids and take care of your health by eating nutritious foods.
  • Reduce your stress by practicing self-care habits like journaling or taking long walks.
  • Reduce fluid retention by using a face mask that’s made from cucumber slices, green tea leaves or apple cider vinegar. Cucumbers are a good choice because they have high water content and contain natural chemicals like potassium that can soothe swollen eyes. Green tea leaves contain tannins that naturally constrict blood vessels and increase circulation which will in turn reduce dark circles due to fluid retention.

We may follow different regimes religiously, but have to remember that dark circles take time to fix and require great discipline. A regular skin and health care, in addition to mental well-being, is the only permanent solution.

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