Night Time Skin Care Routine is a Must!!!

Most of us tend to skip washing and moisturizing our face before going to bed, either due to an over exhausting day or because of sheer laziness. But we must realize if we want to slow aging and cater to other skin related issues then having a night time skin care routine is imperative !!!

You don’t have to spend hours or get expensive products for it, you just need to cleanse and moisturize… And voila you’re good to go.

I don’t follow the exact same routine religiously. I often change my moisturizers and toners. My current self pampering regime is as follows:

As I have a very sensitive skin so I mostly react to every single face wash that ever existed -_- . But luckily I found Clean & Clear essentials foaming wash for sensitive skin, to my surprise it doesn’t react as badly as all the others do. So after washing my face and making sure all the day long dust and sebum has been cleansed; I then move to the toner part. If you have been following me then you know I love using organic stuff on my face and body. So rose water is my go to toner. I just spray it liberally and wait for it to dry.

Afterwards, I use The ordinary’s Caffeine solution 5% for under eyes. Unfortunately I have very deep set eyes with heavy dark circles – Courtesy: My sleepless zombie eczema child. So including an eye serum became a necessity for me.
Next step includes moisturizing – As I told earlier, I’ve a very sensitive irritated skin, and hence organic aloe vera is the perfect moisturizer for me. It really calms my skin and I can actually feel my pores thanking me. I apply a heavy layer and let it dry out for 10 mins, and then apply another layer of moisturizer; using Weleda skin food now a days. ( In love with this miracle cream)

So yeah that’s as simple as it can get.. And believe me when I say this, my night time routine is the best part of my day. It really alleviates the mood and the feeling of taking care of your skin is simply rejuvenating.

Do take time out for yourself, your skin will literally thank you!!

Happy Skin, Happy You.

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