Anti-Aging in Your Twenties?

When I was a teenager I always thought that anti-aging products are for people in their 40s or 50s. But the whole concept shattered when I saw my first fine line under eyes in mid 20s. I kept glaring at the mirror trying to rub it even more, thinking I might have left some makeup on. Anyhow, fast forward to 3 years, now I’m 28 and have multiple fine lines and still not ready to accept them.

I’m very conservative when it comes to applying anything on my skin but simultaneously I’ve being searching for anti-aging serums, lotions, whatsoever that suits my skin type like a lunatic. Have tried multiple stuff ranging from most expensive to the least.

I’ve got a very sensitive skin and get rashes easily. I suffered from seborrheic dermatitis when I was young and this sensitive skin runs in the family. So I’ll be sharing one major tip for people with sensitive skin types….
Go All Natural!!!!

But for the natural stuff to work, you would have to start in your 20s, don’t delay. Prevention is the key. These retinols and chemical based anti-aging might work but why to spend extra bucks when you can have the same effect using these cheap yet effective alternatives.

Number one on my list is COCOA BUTTER!!
Organic cocoa butter is rich in a natural plant compound called phytochemicals. These substances improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging by protecting against damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So using this as your everyday moisturizer might result in it becoming your skin’s best friend. It’s also efficacious in smoothing scars, wrinkles, and other marks on the skin. Moreover, it has this beautiful nutty fragrance that alleviates your mood.

The best thing is that I use cocoa butter on my eczema prone son as well, as it provides the necessary barrier to his broken skin.

Cocoa butter might feel greasy to some people, so if you’re not a fan of cocoa butter then you could give shea butter a try. I personally use the aforementioned, but shea might be equally fruitful. It is made up of a fatty acid profile similar to that of your skin, so the hydration is able to penetrate the skin more deeply. Shea butter can be used both day and night without making the skin look greasy.

So fellow sisters and brothers start using anti-aging products, whether organic or non-organic, if you want to look youthful even when you become a grandparent. 😛

We shouldn’t generalise application of anti-aging creams to women only, men should also take part in this, without having to worry about the mocking criticism.

Recently I’ve started applying aloe vera, another anti-aging powerhouse, on my husband’s face. And as much as he resisted, now he’s the one who asks me to massage him with aloe daily, as he loves the soothing sensations over his face. 😀

Stay Fit, Stay Youthful.

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