Family Support – Raising an Eczema Prone Child Together

Having a family is a blessing, but having a supportive family in every sphere of your life is the biggest blessing of all…

People whom we’re related to by blood or marriage are our closest allies in all ups and downs. In my case, everyone around me understands the condition of my atopic child, and tries to provide all the necessary support.

Moisturizers are absolutely key for an eczema-prone child, and so is proper follow up with a doctor, but that’s for everyone. I have a 3-year old boy with atopic dermititis and sometimes it becomes really strenuous managing him on my own, especially when he’s a wailing kid ravaging his eczema prone skin during his flare ups. That’s when my parents, siblings and in-laws play their role in engaging, distracting and comforting my son. Even though parenthood is all about responsibilities but we all need a break at one point or another. Our families should be understanding and accommodating enough; so that parents of an eczema prone kid could let their child be with them safely, without having to worry about his eczema management.

We should be able to count on our family and friends in every way possible….

Someone to talk to: You can always vent out that built up frustration with your loved ones. No matter how many times you repeat the same incident, they’ll always listen and will give the necessary motivational talk. This thing is specially true in case of our parents.

Peace of mind: I visit my parents quite often, and all I do there is – Catharsis, whether that means watching my favorite show, having late night talks with my mother or having a laugh with my father. That place is like an oasis in the middle of a desert.

Assurity that we are doing fine as parents: My husband and I, whenever we’re in doubt about our parenting style, we always seek advice and solace from our mothers. Even though they never dealt with a severe eczema case, but nonetheless they provide all the necessary support and consolation from their experience.

Providing a friendly environment: My son’s eczema has multiple triggers and my family makes sure that his surrounding is always in accordance with his needs. For instance when he’s around; all perfumes are eliminated, everything is covered with cotton sheets, food allergens are removed etc. Most importantly, a stress free environment is provided, where he could forget about his skin condition and focus on just being a kid.

Doesn’t matter if your child requires special care or not, your family will always be there for you. If your family is not around, then remember, good friends are next to kin. So confide in them and reach out if you need help. You don’t have to do this alone.

Best wishes to all the parents out there..

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