Do Acne Patches Really Work?

Whenever you think that your skin is finally in a good place, with an even texture, plummer complexion and fewer marks; then don’t get too excited too soon, as you are bound to get a zit on your face the very next day…

Lately I’ve been struggling with zits and pimples a lot. For the past few weeks it’s like acne has found a new home – My Face!

So I decided to give acne patches a shot. They are basically made of hydrocolloid, which is a sticky, gel-like material that is commonly used for wound healing. The flexible material works by absorbing fluid from a wound while keeping the skin around it moist, which is key for speeding up the healing process. Hydrocolloid patches work best when there is an open lesion or wound to pull from. So, if you have an oozing spot or a juicy whitehead that is coming to a head, a pimple patch can help by draining any remaining fluid from the area and flattening the spot faster as a result. But remember if you have a deep cyst that’s sitting under the surface of your skin, simply slapping a pimple patch over it won’t likely do much for it.

I for one, tried multiple patches on my various acne spots overnight, whether they were oozing heads or deeply set cyst. When in the morning I excitedly went to the bathroom to take the patches off, I noticed that the ones with oozing heads had no visible pus; on the other hand the big deep red ones got even more bigger and angrier than before. For the next 5 days I kept on applying the patches on the same spots but noticed no positive difference, and to be honest I thought the pimples looked more obnoxious. My husband on the other hand became a fan of these pimple patches. He tried them too and his oozing acne noticeably reduced overnight.

So yeah long story short – I personally did not like the patches much, may be because I didn’t use them right, as they clearly state it’s meant to be used on open spots rather than a deep underground cyst.

Whether they work or not, one thing is for sure that when you put a patch on, you forget about the acne and the urge of touching it also reduces, and even if you do touch it, you won’t be able to scratch the zit. So this might help prevent any left over marks. It surely is good for people who compulsively pick at their faces. So go ahead give it a try, who knows it might work for you!

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