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The Uriage Xemose Anti-Itch Soothing Oil Balm is great to help soothe itchy skin. Made by a European company with deep expertise, using thermal waters, and special moisturizers. For dry and atopic skin.

Fragrance free, and suitable for both adults and children.

100% genuine product, imported from USA.

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Buy Uriage Xemose Anti-Itch Soothing Oil Balm in Pakistan now! Uriage is a premium European dermatological products manufacturer, and their Xemose Anti-Itch Soothing Oil Balm is designed to immediately and quickly relieve itchy, dry skin.

Made from a unique combo of their trademark thermal water, itch reducing analgesics, shea butter and Illipe oil – it leaves a non-greasy film that protects for up to 48 hours. Hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested.

Very famous in the dryness of the Middle East countries.

Our Guarantee:

Our stock of Uriage Xemose Anti-Itch Soothing Oil Balm in Pakistan is 100% genuine, and imported from USA. Use with confidence!


Protective balm for dry-to-very-dry skin.

  • Lasting anti-itching action
    • Its triple barrier action makes peaks of severe dryness less frequent for longer lasting relief.
  • Nourishes intensely
    • Its formula enriched with shea butter and illipe oil deeply nourishes the skin.
  • Results
    • 48hrs Anti-recurrence. Improvement in quality of life: +65%

From the Manufacturer:

This nourishing and protective balm instantly soothes itching and makes peaks of severe dryness less frequent. The unique transforming “balm-to-oil” texture leaves a non-greasy protective film for long-lasting comfort.

  • Lasting anti-itching action, Nourishes intensely
  • 48 Hours Anti-recurrence*. Improvement in quality of life: +65%**
    • Clinical study carried out under dermatological control with 38 children with atopic skin (aged 6 months to 4 years). Twice daily application over one month.
    • *Evaluation of itching and subjects’ comfort by their parents 48hrs after stopping applications.
    • **Evaluated by a dermatologist.

Key Ingredients:

  • Chronoxine
  • Cérasterol 2F
  • TLR2 Regul
  • Uriage Thermal Water
  • Shea butter
  • Illipe oil

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